April 1, 2020 –
There is a world of hurt going on now but I’m going to keep logging into my work computer until they tell me not to. That’s out of my control. What IS in my control is my company- Grooveback Media.

I am Eric Norris, my office is in Snoqualmie Washington where I live with my amazing wife. We grew up in Seattle so know the area well and moved out here 10 years and have loved every minute of it. We ride gravel, paddle board, hike, ski, you know –  all the good stuff that people do out here.

I have created this company because I really like what I do and I can do things that most people can’t, so let’s put the 2 together – my skills and your business needs.

During the day, I work on the websites of multi-billion dollar corporations and I have been soloing off and on for almost 20 years so I’ve learned a few things along the way. Prior to this career, I was in the hotel and restaurant business honing customer service skills at places like The Four Seasons Hotel.

I could go on and on with slick stock images and flowery text about how big and successful we are, but the truth is that we is me, and I am just getting started. I have spent considerable time in my career helping Microsoft Store, REI, Brooks Running, Coinstar, PSE, Boeing, Proliance Consulting, Liberty Mutual, Safeco and a number of small companies have very efficient and successful online experiences. Each had its own requirements and processes so it’s been great to have seen so many styles and methodologies. You’ll notice many of the E-commerce heavy hitters are there and I have been in the trenches for all of it.

Here are some simple questions to see if you need me…

  • Can you build your website? Can edit the site you have?
  • Want to sell products online?
  • Need a video of your product or of your company intro?
  • Want to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Google?

We should probably talk.

Eric Norris

Grooveback Media founder Eric Norris bio picture at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island Washington where he attended and a youngster
image of sun-bathed forest from a distance
image of bike in front of lake
leg and foot from rider's angle of while pedaling bike