GrooveBack Media provides remote studio services. We bring the studio to your location to make the creation of your video message hassle-free and fast. There just doesn't have to be a huge production with a crew and large footprint. We respect your time and privacy and remove the technological pain - all we need is you and your message, we do the rest.

  • Promotional videos
  • Product reviews
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts

Video Services Charge: $75 / Hr (2 hr. minimum)
This consists of on-location filming and post production.

A typical session would look like this:
We connect 15 -30 minutes early to review strategy, set up a teleprompter if wanted and your script, and give you a chance to get your game face on. A lot of people are going to see your videos so make them count – be bold, be yourself, be confident and sell your product.

When you are ready, we start rolling, leave the camera going and you run through your pitch as many times as you want. Start and stop as much as you want, you choose how to spend your time. everything will be put together in the editing process after the shoot.

*Tip for making this experience short and sweet:

Come prepared, ideally you will have written a script and rehearsed it or at least have prepared an outline. We have a good teleprompter solution but your video is more believable and compelling when you speak naturally and conversationally. As with so many things, the more you practice, the better the results. Many people just use a whiteboard behind the camera with an outline to glance at as needed. Come with your perfect outfit or if you are shooting a batch, multiple shirts/outfits create the illusion of videos being shot individually. Batching multiple videos is a huge time and expense saver. Many will shoot 5 videos and stagger the releases. Perception is reality, so is controlling expenses.
Lets' work together to make your business shine and modernize your communications.
Thank you,
Eric Norris