How to become a Personal Chef

If you love to cook and are skilled at it, you could get paid for it. Plenty of people today have to money but not the time and would appreciate having a pro cook for them.

You could have a service where you cooked and delivered, or you’d cook in somebody’s home, or you could host lunches or dinners at your house or an event space.

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How to get paid as a Brand Ambassador

Get hired by companies to travel around and prepresent their brand in a positive light.

Examples of this are the people who hand out freebies at events.

Here are the main types of ambassadors:

1. Typical Brand Ambassador
These are the people you see at music festivals and large events handing out samples
or holding demonstrations.
2. Promotional Model
3. In-line Demonstrators
4. Alcohol Sampler
5. Costume Character/Mascot
6. Emcee
7. Field/Event Manager
8. Tour Manager

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How to start a mobile Notary Public business

Individual states grant notary licenses and once you are certified, you can create a notary and/or a mobile notary business. You can then charge for you services as well as travel expenses. This can be really valuable for customers after hours or on weekends.

Requirements are minimal – 18 years old, English reading and speaking, US citizen or resident, live in that state or have a place of employment in that state.

In Washington, the process is to go the the WA DOR site, download the Oath of Office form, get it notarized, purchase a $10,000 Surety Bond for $45 to $85 and pay $30 for the commission. Follow the mail-in or online instructions on the DOR site in your state.

Taking a big step forward is becoming a Loan Signing Agent. This is the person who walks you through the giant pile of loan documents when you buy a home mortgage.

You can make $100/hr part time. Plenty of trainings are available.