contact info

How this usually goes:

You contact us, we discuss your project and determine its scope, schedule and your budget. We’ll look at your content, images and source more imagery as needed. We can use Teams or Zoom for screen sharing as needed – we all need to be clear on your needs and requirements.

*Hourly work is very flexible, many tasks are small and can be completed within an hour, but for larger tasks, we request a 2 hour minimum charge to cover discussion, exploration and admin.

*For a full site build, 1/2 payment gets the project started, the other 1/2 is due at completion of the project. For inspiration, check out some demos and find something similar to what you want. We have a lot more demos but just can’t show everything – just ask, something like “hey, can I see more like that Hospitality V3?”.

*This is your company, your site, your project so the content has to be supplied by you. We can help guide where is goes and massage it but it is your responsibility to provide content and the project cannot be completed without you. Because of this, there is a 60 day “stop” clause. At this mark, the project will get put on hold and final payment is due. A $50 upfront charge will get the project restarted. Extenuating ciecumstances will be considered.

**We reserve the right to refuse service.