What we do

We do e-commerce. As in we help us and others sell goods and services, communicate with your customers, retain existing customers, get new customers, get fans, get viral, get reviews, get new channels to market your stuff. You don’t have to be an expert in everything, just what you do.

After almost 2 decades of working with companies like Coinstar, Microsoft, REI, Brooks Running, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, MacArthur Foundation, Boeing and many smaller companies, we are experienced and trusted. Many years in the hospitality industry has created a solid customer relations base, so we are responsive. There’s just no bullshit, we promise straight answers, honest efforts and we’ll make every attempt to please the client at reasonable rates. Maybe we can work together – let’s check it out!

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Some of our services are project based, some are by subscription and some are hourly.

Video services: Hourly : $75/hr : 2 hr minimum : includes post production and travel time

Photography Hourly : $75/hr : 2 hr minimum : includes post production and travel time

Social media management: Subscription : 6 month / annual : price depends on amount of services and frequencies – starts at $1,500 / month.

WordPress websites: Site builds, redesigns, monthly maintenance, one-off edits – all 3 price models can apply, it depends on the project scope.

Video services

Product reviews

Film your reviews of your products or reviews of other’s products for your YouTube channel.


We’ll either shoot your customer testimonials or direct the process of somebody else shooting it.


Great sources of audio AND video content, for example – shoot an hour podcast and break it up into multiple videos/segments.

Company announcements

Do you have a major company announcement? Want to announce yourself to the world? We got that

Damage footage for insurance

Need video verification for an insurance claim for you car or structure, we do that.

Photography services

Product photography

We’ll shoot your products for your Amazon store, website, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest apps.

grooveback media - image of product photography
grooveback media - image of product photography
grooveback media - image of product photography

Digital marketing services

Social media account integration

Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Shopify integration –
we can create or optimize your pages for each account for maximum effect.

Social account management

Daily, weekly, monthly and specific targeted content delivery, this is where your freedom gets to increase – we handle this while you are living your life.

WordPress websites

We can build you a new website, freshen your current one or even just advise on the direction of yours.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your online business, let’s go