Printful is an online company that enables very easy creation and selling of custom products online.

Their extensive catalogue of products includes men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids & youth clothing and hats They also have accessories like tote bags, backpacks, duffel bags, laptop bags, iPhone and Samsung phone cases, face masks, shoes, socks, flipflops, jewelry (bracelets, necklaces and earrings) and more.

They also have home & living goods like blankets, towels, pet products, aprons and more.

The process is pretty straightforward –
Create an account – they don’t charge for the service.

You choose from a wide array of products, add your design, then export it to your shop(s).

As an example, pick a specific brand of men’s t-shirt, choose the colors, the sizes, add you design to one or multiple places (front, back, inside label, outside label depending on shirt vendor), pick your mock (flat, wrinkled, on various models, etc), add your retail price, then export it to your WordPress site after you download the free Printful WordPress plugin and connect Printful to your shop. The products will then be inside of your WordPress site and you then set up the categories for displaying on the front end of your store.
When a customer buys the shirt from your site (at retail), you then log in to Printful and order that same item at wholesale and they make it a ship it to them.
You never have to touch the product other than ordering samples for yourself.

It works great and doesn’t put you at any financial risk.
They even have tons of designs you can use, plus really good tutorials.

Contact us to help you get set up with Printful print-on-demand ecommerce.