Since everything that I do is based upon time, pricing is pretty simple. Simple things are quick and complicated things take more time.

I charge $100/hour for most things and am considered fast, accurate and efficient.

Initial consultation is free – I want to hear about your project.

Somebody has to do the work, it’s either you or me. How much is Your time worth to you?

Bon Appetite

Here are our selections –


Online Marketing


Remote Online Notary (RON)

Ala Carte

New Websites

$100/hr + misc. 3rd party hosting charges
Wordpress, Adobe AEM, Contentful, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify
*Wordpress is free and is used by the majority of the world.

Website maintenance

$100/hr and monthly subscription options
We'll monitor your site and make content updates throughout the month as needed.

Web hosting packages

Call for estimate - flexible plans available
Domain name
Site hosting
5 pages – Home, Services, About Us, Blog, Contact
Site maintenance

Site migration

$100/hr, + new hosting charges
Migrate your website from one hosting company to another, or from one CMS to another or merge multiple sites/accounts.

Website redesigns

Refresh or completely rebuild your site - a stale site is a dead site.

Ecommerce websites

Sell your products and services online using (free) Wordpress/Woocommerce, or Shopify, Wix, Squarespace. We also set up Etsy and Amazon stores.

Site project takeovers

If your current web person bailed into the wind, we can jump in and finish the job.

Marketing Analytics

Our tools and expertise track user behavior in a multitude of ways, link clicks, time spent on a page, email open rates, conversion rates, and how the user navigates through your site. Everything starts and ends with understanding your data and we are pretty good with that.

Email Marketing

Still one of the most effective marketing techniques, we create compelling campaigns and continuously monitor and tweak emails to improve open rates and conversion rates. We’ll create a sense of urgency, utilize personalization and encourage users to decide on the frequancy of email sends so they stay signed up and actually look forward to contact.

Social Media Marketing

This will be a constant and consistent effort on Facebook, Instagram, as well as Google MyBusiness, Marketplace, Messenger, Ebay. Results will be continuously measured, analyzed and tweaked for maximum roi.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We improve your site’s search engine results using proven methods: Crawl accessibility, compelling and share-worthy content, keyword optimization, faster pages loads and optimized UX, title, url and description management and snippet/schema markup.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Paid advertising to quickly increase traffic to an online channel. These are the ads visible at the top and sides of search results. Using Google Adwords, you only pay when your ad gets clicked and these can be finely defined to show to who and where you want them to be seen.

Content Marketing

This is a crucial way to provide value to your customers – blog posts, videos, e-books, pdf downloads, podcasts – these are all excellent ways to get people to respond to your calls to action. They provide the meat of your overall content and really boost interactivity, user base growth and overall business growth.

Ecommerce Consulting

We can discuss the various platforms for selling your goods and services. This could include Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Adobe, Etsy, Amazon and TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

Side Hustle Consulting

Have some ideas on how to bring extra cash but aren't sure how to get them started? Let's figure it, we're always looking in that also.

Web Services Consolidation

Between domain registration, web hosting, platforms, themes, graphic design, marketing and what cyclocross tires to run in every condition, it's a jungle out there, but we can streamline all of it.

Website Hosting Consultations

There are a lot of hosting companies and specifications to figure out, we also have to do that and we just did all that.

Need a Site Redesign?

If you are wondering this, then you probably do need one. A static site is a dead site, maybe you need a new storefront, or start a blog, this is great for SEO.

Product Research

We'll help determine if your idea is worth the effort, and take a deep dive on your competitors

Mobile Notary Services

If you are in the Snoqualmie area of Washington State, then I will come to your office, home, dedical facility, residential facility or coffee shop to get your documents notarized.

Remote Online Notary (RON)

I am in Washington State, but you can be anywhere, call me to get your remote online notary done.


Site and Asset Audit

What do you have, what's working, what do you really need? We'll find it and report it.

Images and Video

Digital Asset Management
Image manipulation
Video production

Project Management

We'll run the whole show for your project because some has to, do you really have the time?

Misc Requests

Any of the million little tasks that might occur to you that discover you want but want somebody else to do it, such as:
Add a form
Add popups
Add affiliate links


We'll make your visual presentation consistent across your all of your assets, starting with your mission statement, plus logo creation.

Product Research

We'll help determine if your idea is worth the effort, and take a deep dive on your competitors